Operational Applications

Overview of LARSIM Models

High resolution LARSIM models are used in several countries for the treatment of different water management issues. Due to the wide range of possible applications, spatial distribution as well as positive experiences and continuous and coordinated development the application areas of LARSIM have increased considerably in recent years.

The table below provides an overview of agencies in which high resolution LARSIM hydrological models are available and operationally applied. It illustrates that these models are used both in the southern German federal states as well as in neighboring countries (Austria, France, Luxembourg, and Switzerland). In addition to the agencies listed here, LARSIM models are also used by other agencies for solving specific hydrological questions (see "Other fields of application").

The following figure shows the application area of the currently available LARSIM models. While the federal states of Baden-Württemberg, Hesse and Rhineland-Palatinate are completely covered, additional models cover almost the entire federal state of Bavaria and Vorarlberg as well as the Swiss and French catchment area of the Upper Rhein as well as Mosel and Sieg catchments.

The international Mosel LARSIM model is operated and further developed by several agencies in France, Luxembourg and Germany. Some of these agencies operate only parts of the overall model that comprise the relevant catchment area within their area of responsibility.